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Building in California

Your Statewide Guide for the California Building Codes

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BUILDING in CALIFORNIA is a resource site that provides information and added-value for three key elements of the development and permitting process used to regulate building construction throughout the state of California:
Learn from consensus interpretations as decided among subscribing jurisdictions of the state and model building codes nationally.
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Access step-by-step summaries you can use as “road maps” for subscribing jurisdictions of the local development permitting processes.
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Gain insight with strategic contributions on the development perspective that illuminate the state’s triennial process for adopting new editions of the model building codes.
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BUILDING in CALIFORNIA offers a comprehensive online library of information, with coherent explanations and practical applications related to: The California Building Code, Residential Building, and the Electrical, Plumbing or Mechanical Green Building Codes. The site also provides useful details about ancillary aspects of development including homeowners insurance, builders insurance and many other necessary components of a successful construction project.

Regulations Include:

  • The California Subdivision Map Act and Public Resources Code
  • The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
  • The Federal Clean Water Act

BuildinginCalifornia.com recently expanded what it offers based on direct feedback from the many people who use our reference services with complete: Consultations, Contract Plan Checks, Contract Inspection and Permit expediting. We have also become manufacturer’s Reps for onsite Wastewater, Rainwater, Greywater and other Ecological compliance processes including the use of Green products related to water reuse. Learn more from our experts about ozone generators for disinfection and electronic de-scalers in lieu of expensive water softening products that have been procured for us to distribute. Full design and regulatory acceptance is our specialty.

Home Insurance and Builders Insurance:

As requested, Building in California now also provides free home insurance quotes, insurance quote comparisons with multiple insurance policy providers where the carriers compete to earn your business. As a project developer you are in a unique position to bundle home insurance, fire insurance, earthquake insurance, life insurance, auto insurance and many other important methods of protecting projects from disasters. That’s why Building in California has gathered together many of the top insurance brands and acquired unique access to a free insurance quote system that can save you and your clients money while safeguarding assets all along the way.

BUILDING in CALIFORNIA employs a self-tutor approach using the latest educational methods and products, including Photoshop®, PowerPoint®, and You Tube®, to demystify the regulatory process. Because we continually sample our users’ experience through forums, blogs, web links, and surveys our product is dynamic and stays current with industry changes so that we can be responsive to all of your group preferences and individual comments. The ease of navigating around our website provides users with an exceptionally informative experience that saves you time and money while providing value.


BUILDING in CALIFORNIA is an essential reference encyclopedia for all individuals who are involved in the development permitting process, including:
  • Contractors
  • Property Owners
  • Home Inspectors
  • Home Insurance
  • Project Managers
  • Project Insurance
  • Permit Expediters
  • Product Manufacturers
  • Design Professionals (Architects, Engineers, Surveyors)
  • Material Suppliers (electrical, plumbing, mechanical, building)
  • Jurisdictions (Planners, Plan Checkers, Inspectors, Infrastructure/ Watershed staff)

Do I Need To Subscribe To BUILDING in CALIFORNIA?

BUILDING in CALIFORNIA does not charge for access to its technical information. Right now, we are providing access to blogs, web links, advertiser surveys, free insurance quotes and more for you.

Are There Examples of Building in California Illustrations?
BUILDING in CALIFORNIA has hundreds of illustrations of commercial and residential products and code-compliant installations, including the following samples (click-on to view):

Planning supervisor in a large California jurisdiction;

Inspection supervisor in a large California jurisdiction;

Building Official and City Engineer in a large California jurisdiction;

Members of Code committees on multiple professional and trade organizations, including infrastructure, watershed, and storm water management, and green building

Technical Illustrator & Webmaster for Code Check ®.

Our goal is to “standardize” code interpretations among major jurisdictions across the state, to publish “executive summaries” (aka, Process Road Maps) for permit processing in the subscribing cities, and to influence the state code adoption process (codifying certainty for statewide development).

Within this site you will find a myriad of information related to California’s Building Codes, Infrastructure, Subdivision, and Zoning plus Forums for blogs and ratings of your Building and Planning Departments (without mentioning specific individuals) and our Advertisers. We provide Power Points® and other educational materials and attempt to demystify the numerous regulations and conflicts in the State’s Codes. You will also find numerous illustrations to help you understand the practical application of everyday installations.

Get the latest news
BUILDING in CALIFORNIA provides links to articles that have general interest for regulators, permit holders, and the building industry on a wide variety of topics, including code explanations and interpretations and installation guides.