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BUILDING in CALIFORNIA provides a wide variety of building illustrations, audio-visual aids and specification sheets to assist the public with navigating our regulatory processes for obtaining permits, completing inspections, and abating violations. The information clarifies code requirements and policies and procedures and provides commonly used installation techniques.

Designers, contractors, and homeowners may contact us before construction drawings are completed or installations are started to discuss equivalent means for complying with minimum code when existing conditions may warrant an Alternate Method Request (AMR).

For the inspector, we also offer all of the updated illustrations of the current residential codes from the Code Check book series included in Code Check Complete 2nd edition, including the newest book, Code Check Electrical 7th Edition.
With over 325 drawings, this CD is perfect for adding illustrations in your home inspection reports. Click here.

INSPECTIONS: Illustrations, Videos and Manuals


A Plumbing & Mechanical Illustrated Guide to Commercial Kitchens & Restaurants,     Including Restroom Requirements

Energy Videos, Checklist & Guides – CA Energy Commission

Our list of forms and brochures.