Traffic Control

What Is Traffic Control ?TrafficControl

Jurisdictions require permits to obstruct the public right-of-way (e.g., sidewalk scaffolding, gutter stockpiling, travel lane closures).  Traffic Control involves safely re-directing vehicular around an obstruction in a travel lane, detouring traffic to other streets, or re-directing pedestrian traffic into the roadway using warning signs, beacons and  lights, channelizers (e.g., cones, delineators), barriers (e.g., k-rail), barricades, and flaggers (flagmen).  The California Vehicle Code requires jurisdictions to use CalTrans standards for Traffic Control, which may be supplemented by American Public Works Association standards.

What Conditions Do Jurisdictions Have For Traffic Control ?

Many jurisdictions have requirements, limitations, and prohibitions for traffic control, including:

  • plans
  • night noise
  • peak-hour traffic
  • holidays and holiday seasons
  • trench shoring and traffic plates
  • resident and emergency responder pre-notification

In addition, some city streets are State Highways, which require Encroachment permits issued by the District Permit Office.

Check the Links below and your local jurisdiction’s website for additional information.


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