Building Illustrations

Below you’ll find valuable links to many building illustrations and specifications for California, illustrating the proper methods for construction, maintenance and repair of building projects.

Building Illustrations & Specifications

2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design
ADA “Cheat Sheet” Inspection Checklist Disabled Access Regulations
Bathrooms: Planning Guide for Accessible Restrooms (2010 ADA Standards)
Bathroom Inspection
Basement Window Well for Habitable Space
Best Management Practices for Construction Activities – Oakland
Building Details, Diagrams & Tables
Cable Guardrails
Celullose Loose-Fill Insulation Checklist
Chimney Repair
CMU Block Wall Detail
Cool Roofs Requirements & Information 2010 California Energy Code
Construction Plans Checklist
Construction Plans Submittal Checklist
Construction Safety Orders – Cal OSHA Title 8
Curbless Shower Requirements – Los Angeles
Curbless Shower Requirements – Oakland
Drywall Checklist
Egress From Below Grade Bedroom
Exterior Plaster Installation Detail
Exterior Plywood/Braced Wall Panel / Shear Plywood Check List
Fire & Smoke Damper Requirements – Based on 2011 OBC (With Oakland Amendments)
Fire Damage Repair – Residential
Fire Rated Separations
Fire Sprinklers: 1 & 2 Family 13D Systems & Test Water Drain Requirements
Foundation Inspection – Residential
Foundations: Perimeter Monolithic Foundation for Exterior Walls
Foundations: Perimeter T Foundation for Exterior Walls
Foundations: Perimeter T Foundation for Exterior Walls with Girder
Grading Statement of Completion Requirements
Gypsum Board: Application & Finishing Per 2010 CBC
Insulation Checklist
King Studs & Headers at Exterior Bearing Walls
Landlord Relocation Responsibilities (From the City of Oakland)
Plan Set A – Voluntary Seismic Strengthening: Inspection & Checklist
Restaurants & Restrooms: Plumbing Code Requirements
Safety Glazing
Sidewalk Food Display Stand (From the City of Oakland)
Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms Installation
Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms Checklist
Stairs & Landings (From City of Oakland)
Story Definitions
Underfloor Inspection
Uniform Building Code Adoption Dates
Window Egress: Residential
Window Replacement
WorkExemptFromPermit – (City of Oakland)